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  • These videos were all made at no cost at all.  If I like your car, I'll shoot it for free.  

  • I'm looking for the best examples of classic vehicles to share with the world.  

  • If you're in the NY area and have a great example of a classic,  vintage or exotic car and you're interested in being featured in this video series, please contact me right away at

  • It takes about two hours to shoot one car at my Huntington, LI location. 

  • Your car will be shot with a professional camera and with a remote controlled camera-crane called a 'jib'  (I've been professionally operating jibs in the TV industry for over 20 years).

  • Your video will be edited and posted on Youtube where it will be shared, linked and enjoyed by car enthusiasts all over the world.  

  • This is a rare opportunity to have your car shot by a career professional using high-end equipment and techniques.

  • I'm not an owner but I appreciate the people who keep our automotive history alive.  I really enjoy being around the cars that I remember so fondly from my youth, and being able to show them off in the best possible way.

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My specialty is in operating camera-cranes, with a 20+ year career shooting commercials, tv shows, sports and live entertainment.  

Since covid-19 shut down the tv industry, I've had the great opportunity to combine my videography with an appreciation for our automotive heritage.  The response has been awesome- Thank you!  We're having fun, we're seeing some amazing vehicles, and we're meeting a lot of great people along the way. 


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Howard Heitner

Our Automotive Heritage Preserved on Video,

One Car at a Time.

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